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Dale Chisman

Many artists in Colorado emerged in the 1980's, but Dale Chisman was in a league of his own.  His devotion to Abstract Expressionism changed the course of contemporary art in Colorado, and redefined a genre that many had written off as cliche. While compositionally complex and involved, Chisman's work also removes itself from deep moral and religious ponderings, allowing the viewer to find their own theme in the work. This balance between art for "art's sake" and deep soulfulness so elusive to many artists is very difficult to achieve, yet Chisman made it his signature style in his work.



Chisman never married into one particular style of composition or "image" for his work, nor did he reinvent himself just for the sake of something new. Always willing to experiment, he could explore a new technique, material, or emotional angle to his work, but never lose the essence of Chisman. The viewer may have a different experience or emotion with each piece, but could always find familiarity between each creation.


If one had to place a label on the style of Chisman, "Tactile" would probably be one of the first to come to mind. Luscious application of paint, both in texture and in style, give a lighthearted feel to the work, even with darker topics. Each work has a richness that evokes the desire to touch the piece and see if the paint is still wet, or to just experience the relief of the paint first hand. One can almost feel the motion of the brush as Chisman created his loopy swirls. Whether a "doodle" like Cake or a piece as impressive as The Bride, Chisman's paintings hold a formal integrity through a whimsical hand.






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